Our missions


In an entrepreneurial world in full mutation PARTNER TREUHAND FRANCE, natural partner of your company, adapts its solutions and innovates.

Our firm offers to small, medium-sized enterprises and groups of companies, a wide range of missions perfectly adjustable to the size of the companies and to the stakes of their directors and managers.

Our first mission is to advise you

Because your time is precious, entrust it to your chartered accountant. In the creation or growth phase, you need all your time to develop your business. Rely on your expert and his advice.


Outsourcing of your accounting

At the time of your creation, we ensure for you the installation of the procedures and the tools: speed, saving of time, safety of your operations.

We manage for you the accounting of purchases and sales, cash flow, payroll, VAT declaration, taxation, fixed assets. In the development phase, reporting allows you to know in real time all the key figures of your activity.


Bookkeeping and auditing

Preparation of your annual accounts: balance sheet, income statement, tax return

Accounting reporting according to the accounting standards of the countries concerned (after setting up a mapping)

Application of French standards to foreign accounting (US, GAAP, IFRS)

Consolidation in French or IFRS standards

Management of your expense reports

Legal or contractual audit of your subsidiary in France, statutory audit or contribution audit, acquisition audit and due diligence in the context of your external growth projects, specific audit missions of procedures and internal control in your group and in your subsidiaries, risk-based approach and analysis


Year-end tax statements

Calculation and preparation of all your tax returns: corporate income tax, international and intra-community VAT, CVAE, CFE, DEB, DES, customs clearance fees, transfer pricing declarations

Calculation of your income tax, taxation of expatriates or seconded employees

Advice and declaration of tax credits and claims for reimbursement

Assistance during your tax audits

Monitoring of tax legislation, regulatory watch, information

Payroll and social declarations

Establishment of payrolls and calculation of social charges for expatriate or seconded employees

Preparation of your social declarations and assistance in the event of a social audit

Employment law

Assistance in recruiting personnel and employment contracts

Setting up and renewal of professional elections for staff representatives, works council, trade union rights

Social audit, advice on labor law: disciplinary procedures, conflict management, termination of the employment contract, other transactions

Implementation and control of profit-sharing and employee savings plans

Retirement balance sheet


To know at any time the state of your company Design, presentation and periodic updating of your management charts in French, English, German or Italian, according to the French or foreign standards of the groups concerned